Radical: Are We For Jesus Christ?


Today has been a pretty uneventful day, yet still so stressful.  I look at my suitcases, clothes, and insanely messy guest bedroom, and I just get a little bit freaked out.  But I’m beyond excited to do this.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I know that God is going to work.  It’s time for me to block out any negative voices and go forth in faith.  I’ve been called.

My good friend, pastor of Crucified church, Josh Knipple, gave me 2 books that he recommended I should read during my time in South Africa.  I’m sure they’re both familiar to you:  Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman and Radical by David Platt.  I started reading Radical this evening, and let me just say that this book….DANG. Not only does it make me feel like a pretty lousy Christian, but it makes me realize that I need to let go of the things I’m holding on to because Jesus said “Follow me.” Not “Follow me, tell your friends you’re peacin’ out, and make sure you grab a few things for the next few years.” He simply says “Follow me.”  What am I willing to do to be able to give it ALL up, walk away, and follow Jesus Christ?

I have no idea what lies ahead of me. I have no idea what’s going to happen.  I have no idea what my plans consist of after I come home.  For right now, I’m living for each day, because life is WAY TOO SHORT.  Stop feeling like you have to plan for years to come.  God’s got you. (:

Do my parents really agree with that? Heck no.  But for some reason, I’ve been in this weird rebellion with my parents lately (don’t worry, it’s a good rebellion.)  My parents can be uptight sometimes, and I don’t think they really understand what it means to give it all away and follow Christ.  I mean, do any of us really understand what that means?  But I feel like I’m starting to understand the concept of it, and they still don’t get it; I think they think their daughter is a bit crazy.  And to the world, I definitely am. To myself, I even am sometimes hahahaha.  But to God, He’s calling me to be even crazier.  In fact, He’s calling every one of us to be crazy; BE RADICAL.

So to end this blog for the evening, here’s my point:  To the world, you are going to look insane, crazy, be called names, maybe even be killed.  But Christ is calling you to be a Radical Christian. What are you willing to do to be Radical?

Live Fearlessly,

Abigail Cable



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