Awkwardness: Embrace It


Orientation Day #2: Awkwardness.  Darrell basically talked to us today about how situations are going to be awkward at times, and we’ll feel really out of place.  But it’s how we use that awkwardness that will basically make us or break us.  Are we going to let it define us, or are we going to embrace it?

Being here in Chicago has made me feel really awkward.  First off, I’m from the country.  Farms is where everyone grew up, cows are neighbors, there’s one main stoplight, and football games is the biggest deal on Friday nights during fall.  Sometimes, I feel really congested here.  There are SO many different cultures in the hostel, people speak so many different languages, and I think I’m not used to it yet.  Today, Darrel sent every country on a mission: to find specific locations in downtown Chicago.  Let’s just say I’m really glad Kristin and Nat are on our team: they’re really great at finding their way around.  Me on the other hand…directions and maps aren’t really my forte.  BUT! It was really fun, because we got to walk around Chicago and see awesome sights!  We also took the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) to get around, and I think I sort of got the hang of it.

Right now, I have a lot of emotions going on.  I feel awkward, out of place, confused, unsettled, and basically..just really awkward.  I’m not sure why I do, but I do.  But one thing I do know is that sometimes, awkward can be a really great thing.  I’m learning how to handle myself in these situations, and I’m learning how to embrace it.  Everyone on RJ is just flat out awesome, and I feel like their becoming my family.

I’m not really missing home yet, just a few specific people who’s faces I was used to seeing every day.  I’m looking forward to skyping them soon. (:

Yes, I’m extremely uncomfortable right now, but if I was comfortable in my faith, then something’s wrong.

Live Fearlessly,

Abigail Cable


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