Intense Conversations,Track Stars, Leadership: Chicago.


Last night was probably the most intense night of my life.  I have never connected with so many people in such a short amount of time.  Last night’s conversation with everyone on Radical Journey consisted of in depth topics that, honestly, no person would ever even feel comfortable talking about with a group of people they just met.  But us?  Psh, not us.

We brought up the subject of homosexuality in the churches, our perception of homosexuality, the Bible, relationships, marriage, sex, etc. The cool thing about this whole entire conversation was the fact that EVERYONE had different opinions about each topic.  At first, I felt really uncomfortable.  It felt weird hearing different sides of everything, because I was so used to hearing someone agree with what I said.  But to hear a bunch of Mennonite teenagers having different views of topics that are so controversial was intense.  I went to sleep feeling troubled, and I woke up feeling really awesome, because somewhere in between that conversation and my sleep, I realized that the way I thought of things my whole entire life was being stretched and expanded in really amazing ways.

This morning, I woke up at 6:15am with Anya and Joe, and we went on a 2 mile jog.  Joe is an awesome encourager, (and also a track star) and Anya is a beast at running! (She plays soccer.) So then there’s me, a marching band nerd with no athletic ability, just struggling along, panting, trying to keep up with the already slow pace that Joe and Anya set. But it was great because Joe and Anya are both really great encouragers and motivators, and running with them was definitely awesome! Granted, I did get a little bit dehydrated, which later on in the day lead to a major headache, but thank goodness for Stephanie and her ibuprofen, because it saved the day.

At 8:30am this morning, we went out to the park to start our “meeting.” Today, Betsy and Rich led our leadership workshop, where we did various activities making us work on our leadership and making us ask questions about leadership and what it means to be a leader.  We jumped some rope, trying to get all 10 of us across before the “fire” got to us, and then we had to do a pattern with these wood blocks, which we finished in just about 5 minutes total. This whole entire workshop about leadership really made me want to go out and work on the struggles that I have toward being a better leader.  It also made me realize that doing RJ requires a lot of leadership; not only towards other people, but finding the leader within yourself.

I’m absolutely in love with the people in RJ; they’ve quickly become my family.

Live Fearlessly,

Abigail Cable


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  1. I am so encouraged by your articulate postings, Abi. This is what life is all about: learning, stretching, growing, and loving. And you’re doing it! I’m keeping you in my prayers as you journey in this most radical of ways! Love you! Gr-aunt Martha

  2. I hope you got your typhoid medicine. Ha ha ha. I talked to your mom last night and she told me about it. Sounds exactly like something id do. Looks like you’re loving Chicago. That’s a great city. Love ya abs! Jill

    • I did get it then! I just got it today bahahahahaha. looks like you and I are similar in that aspect, Jill. (; Miss you much! I am loving Chicago, it’s a beautiful city! Love you!

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