We’ve all talked about it at some point in our lives.

We’ve gotten into debates about it in college.

Maybe you know someone who’s had an abortion.

Or maybe you’ve had an abortion.

Maybe you’ve been in one of those pro-life rallies.

Maybe you don’t have an opinion on this.

And that’s okay.

But I need to share something with you guys, because this is important to me.

Back in high school, I was pro-life. I attended the pro-life march in D.C., and I remember being so excited to be apart of something I felt was a way to let people I know I was a true Christian. Plus, those women were sinners and needed Jesus.

In college, I was pro-choice. I started looking at this situation as a political thing, one where the rights of women were being taken away from them, one where people were telling them what they should do with their reproductive system.

People have asked me currently what I am.

And after months of struggling and wrestling and crying out to God and trying to see Jesus on both ends, I am pro-love.

I believe strongly that life is sacred. All life, at all stages and at all ages.

But the people who believe this too tend to forget about that when they’re posting on Facebook that the guy who murdered that girl deserves to be put to death. What happened to them saying they value life?

And then people are screaming at the woman to keep her baby and congratulate her when she decides to…but when the new single mom has to get food stamps, people are calling her lazy and forgetting that they fought to keep that precious life.

There are people who are all about protecting the rights of women, but what happened to the rights of the tiny being growing inside of them?

What about all the other options that moms could go with besides terminating her pregnancy?

But what if we stopped looking at this like a pro-life and pro-choice thing…

What if we started looking at this like Jesus does?

What if, instead of joining in the rallies of pro-life marches, we began to form relationships with women who were considering getting abortions?

What if we talked to them about Jesus, we talked with them about other ways of keeping that baby, what if we dedicated ourselves to walking life with them?

And what if they still decided to get an abortion, and we were the people embracing them as they left that clinic and telling them that Jesus still loves them?

I believe strongly that Jesus would do everything He could in love to help that mother know how beautiful she is and how beautiful that baby inside of her is.

But I also believe that Jesus is waiting at the back door of every abortion clinic to embrace women as they leave.

You see, we have to hit the root of the issue. It isn’t just about that baby. It’s about the woman who’s carrying that baby, too. What is she currently going through? What brought her to this point?

So often, we’re concerned about the life of that baby inside of her…but what about her? What if we were actually disciples like Jesus wanted us to be and we began walking life with women in those tough positions?

Then, lives would begin to change. When people stopped defending sides and started defending love, hearts would begin to change, the value of life would begin to change, and the love of Jesus would sweep this nation.

So to the woman who’s doctor told her it would be best if she aborted the baby but kept it,

To the woman who got raped and doesn’t want to keep this baby,

To my friend who has gotten an abortion and regrets it with all that she has,

To the women who have kept their babies,

And to the women who have aborted them,

I am with you. And I love you.

John 15:12
“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”


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