This Season is Vital for the Next


This season of life has been the most beautiful season I can remember. It’s peaceful. While I know this peace won’t always be here every second of every day,  I am resting in it. And when this peace leaves, I know I serve a God who is my anchor in the midst of storms. He is my constant peace even when chaos surrounds me. He is your peace, too. Be still, my sweet friends. Be still and know that He is your God.


I’m currently in the middle of working on a MennoTalk (think of it like a TedTalk except in the Mennonite world) for Mennonite Church USA Convention 2017 in Orlando, Florida IN LESS THAN A MONTH. When I was accepted for this MennoTalk, I was in a very different place in my life. Social justice defined my theology, and I was ready to give an educative, passionate talk about God’s call to the upside down Kingdom in pursuit of racial reconciliation and social justice. While I believe racial reconciliation and social justice play a massive role in the Kingdom of God, I also believe that when those things become your main focus, you are focusing on the wrong things. Feminism, social justice, eradicating poverty, and humanitarian work left me feeling empty and longing for more. While my heart will always beat for those things, those things are no longer identifying factors. I am a Daughter of the King, and that is the only title I will claim.


So here’s the thing: love God well, and do what you want. Dive into Scripture, because the answers for these tough topics wait within the pages that breath upon every page you turn.


I recently had a fun conversation with God about how I should probably start looking for a job that offers healthcare and 40 hours a week, you know, since I’m a college graduate. He said to me, “Abi, not yet.” As terrifying as that answer was, I’ve gone too far to turn back now. I have seen the faithfulness of God unfold in my life in supernatural ways these past few months, and I would be a fool to not listen to Him now. I deeply look forward to the day I begin humanitarian work again with a new perspective; one that focuses on Jesus first, others second. Until then, I will continue to lay low in this season as God prepares my heart for the next. I can feel big dreams brewing in my heart, and while I am unable to articulate them right now, I can feel God moving.


I too am learning how to be still and know that He is my God.

He is who He says He is.

He will provide.

He will restore.

He will show up.

He will answer you.

He will come for you.

He will lead you to face the biggest waves, and He will give you victory to conquer.


If you can feel dreams brewing in your heart but you’re unsure where to start, be still. This season is vital for the next.





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